Equipment Rigging & Relocation

Universal Wrecking Corp. can provide all forms of rigging, machinery moving, plant relocation, and installation.

Our services run the range from removing and installing small individual machines to very large projects that require either a single or multiple cranes.

Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment relocation can be a serious challenge. Equipment damage during any stage of disassembly, transportation, moving, and re-installation all produce the same consequences; Expensive repairs and lost sales due to production down-time.

Universal Wrecking’s expert staff employs the most up-to-date equipment and certified safety techniques to ensure the highest quality rigging operations.

We have worked on projects, demanding in both time and technicality, and always finished safely and on schedule. Here at Universal Wrecking we pride ourselves on job performance and meeting all of our client’s needs.

Coupled with our extensive range of services Universal Wrecking can provide your company a turnkey package.

The following is a sample list of Rigging services we can supply on a nationwide basis:

  • Rigging (removal and installation)
  • Dismantling (boiler removal, water tower, and steel tank dismantling)
  • Millwright work (machine repairs, modification, and precision alignment)
  • Structural steel erection and fabrication
  • Trucking & Warehousing
  • Consulting