October 14, 2015

UWC recently completed the total demolition of a one story building in Central, New Jersey. The building was demolished to allow for future upgrades and site improvements to the facility that will be performed in the area.

Prior to any work being performed several pre-demolition tasks needed to be completed. All utilities were disconnected from the building and temporary electric and water lines were installed for the work. A site specific safety plan was developed, notifications were submitted and all permits were obtained.

The project consisted of the following tasks:

  • Install and maintain temporary construction fencing with privacy screens.
  • Total removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials located in the building.
  • Total demolition, removal and disposal of the building within the building footprint, including all footings, and associated foundations. All debris generated by the demolition were disposed of offsite at an approved disposal/recycling facility.
  • All concrete, brick, block and masonry was loaded and disposed offsite at an approved recycling facility.
  • Removal and disposal of all incidental items associated with the demolition.┬áThese items included any and all equipment and improvements attached to or located within the demolition work area.
  • Import all necessary clean certified fill. Fill basements and voids created by the demolition to grade.
  • Backfill basement area in lifts, utilizing dozer and vibratory roller.
  • Provide a certified Geologist for compaction testing requirements.
  • Install 6 inches of screened topsoil, grass seed and hay stabilizer.

Utilizing two hydraulic excavators with various demolition attachments (shear, grapples, hammers and pulverizers) to perform the above tasks. Dozers, skid steers equipped with various attachments and front end loaders were also utilized to assist during the demolition project, sorting and loading of debris generated and final site restoration work.

The project was completed in 4 months, safely, in a timely manner and with customer satisfaction. If you have a question about one of our various or turn-key services, or are looking for a quote on a new job, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss it at 732-864-1194.

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