July 19, 2015

Universal Wrecking was recently hired to perform the rigging, dismantlement and demolition of a 185′ Water Tower and associated Pipe Bridge spanning across an active street at a former manufacturing facility in New Jersey.

Due to the location and close proximity of the water tower to live power lines and existing site structures it was decided that the water tower would be dismantled in sections utilizing two cranes.

Universal Wrecking utilized a 550T Hydraulic Crane to perform the picks of each section and a 165T crane to hoist workers in a certified man basket over 185′ in the air in order to perform rigging and dismantling services.

Prior to the project starting the following activities were performed:

  • A detailed safety and execution plan was developed for the safe rigging and dismantlement of the water tower and supporting structures, so as not to disturb the power lines or roadway adjacent to the project site. The plan also outlined where temporary barricades and other protection were to be located and placed to prevent injury to people and damage to adjacent buildings and facilities to remain.
  • The pre-demolition conference was performed at the project site to discuss and coordinate the procedure of dismantling the water tower, safety, schedule and the placement of temporary protection.
  • Required permits necessary to perform the work were obtained.

The tank and pipe bridge were dismantled following the approved rigging plan and utilizing torches to cut the steel sections. Once lowered to the ground, a Hydraulic Excavator equipped with a shear processed the scrap steel. After the scrap steel was processed, a Hydraulic Excavator equipped with a grapple, loaded trucks that transported the steel to a pre-determined recycling facility.

The project was completed safely, on schedule, and without incident.

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