October 16, 2015

Recently UWC performed an interior demolition project that required over 112,000 Sqft of ceiling tile to be removed as part of the scope of work.

Prior to the project beginning Universal Wrecking contacted the manufacturer Armstrong Ceilings to discuss options available for the disposal of the ceiling tiles. It was determined after discussing the specific ceiling tile with an Armstrong representative, that it qualified for Armstrong’s Ceiling Recycling Program which diverts the material to a Armstrong manufacturing plant for recycling and reuse rather than being disposed of at a landfill.

Upon receiving the approval above, UWC implemented a waste management plan to clearly identify the tasks to be performed for the recycling of the ceiling tiles as follows:

  • Removal of Ceiling Tile from suspended ceiling
  • Placement onto staged 4’ x 4’ pallet
  • Stack tiles 6’ high
  • Secure tiles with shrink wrap to pallets and attach shipment document
  • Stage in load out area
  • Load onto trailer utilizing a pallet jack or forklift

The employees utilized scissor lifts when needed and the TILREX tool made by Professional Engineering Company which was designed to remove the ceiling tiles from the suspension grid whole without breaking them.

Once all the ceiling tile was removed, palletized and staged for shipment as described above, a truck was scheduled and the material was loaded for transportation to the recycling facility. UWC recycled a total of 78,640 lbs. which reduced project disposal costs significantly and resulted in many beneficial benefits to the environment including reducing construction waste, eliminating landfill utilization and reducing the environmental impact of producing new ceilings for future construction projects.

At UWC we will continue to research options for disposal of materials to maximize recycling on projects and continue in the investment of the environment.

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