November 8, 2015

UWC recently completed the demolition of various buildings at a former manufacturing facility in upstate NY. The facility was shut down in the early 90’s due to operating costs and economy factors at the time. After years of being unoccupied it was purchased and was partially retrofitted and converted into a massive corn ethanol production plant to be used for producing fuel-grade ethanol. Due to the plant converting to a ethanol manufacturing plant select buildings needed to be demolished.

The project consisted of multiple phases and required extensive pre-planning prior to any work beginning. A detailed site specific health and safety plan was developed and crew members were given a site orientation.

The scope of work for the project consisted of the following tasks:

  • Install and maintain temporary construction fencing with privacy screens.
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials.
  • Perform the separation of building planned for demolition from existing facility.
  • Total demolition, removal and disposal of the buildings within the building footprints.
  • All debris generated by the demolition were disposed of offsite at an approved disposal/recycling facility.
  • Removal and disposal of all incidental items associated with the demolition. These items included misc. tanks, silos and conveyors.

The project was performed during the winter season which made the job very challenging. Due to the location of the project in proximity to Lake Ontario it received significant “lake-effect snow” fall in excess of a 100 inches. Universal Wrecking crews performed daily toolbox meetings to ensure that all precautions were taken to perform the project in a safe manner during these demanding weather conditions.

The project was completed safely and without incident in 4 months.

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