PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

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Demolition and rigging workers need to have proper protection to ensure their safety and the safety of the job site. To provide that protection workers utilize PPE. Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE) can prevent employees from potential hazards associated with their workplace.

The minimum required PPE on a demolition or rigging project consists of the following items:

  • Hardhat
  • Safety Glasses
  • High Visibility Safety Vests
  • Leather Palmed Work Gloves
  • Work Boots

Depending on the project site and task being performed additional PPE may be required. The site supervisors evaluate the work task and perform hazard assessments to identify if additional PPE is required and to confirm that the appropriate personal protective equipment is being utilized to perform the work task at hand.

Examples of some work that would require additional protective equipment are as follows:

Work to be performed in a man lift or if a worker is 6’ from an edge would require a safety harness that is attached to a retractable. This would allow the employee to work safely and be 100% tied off at all times. If a worker is performing work utilizing a grinder or demo saw he would wear a face shield to ensure face protection and ear plugs for hearing protection.

The site supervisor trains or provides training to all employees to ensure they are familiar with the proper utilization of PPE and to ensure applicable safety procedures are followed.

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