Green Demolition Practices

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UW believes strongly in the value of reuse and recycling of materials attained from demolition work. The amount of recyclable material differs from each demolition project to the next.

Prior to projects beginning UWC will develop a waste management plan to clearly explain the minimum practices which are to be employed on any jobsite to assure proper disposal of construction and demolition waste (C&D) debris from landfill disposal and re-direct recyclable recoverable resources back into the manufacturing process. It is for these reasons a Waste Management Plan is to be implemented on every project.

Each project is unique, but recent successful experience on various projects has been made with recycling or re-processing the following materials:

  • Brick: Materials will be stored on site and palletized by┬áprocessor who will resell as product if possible. Otherwise it will be placed into containers for recycling.
  • Cardboard: Materials will be separated on the job-site and stored within dedicated on-site dumpster and delivered loose to processor. Processor will bale materials and deliver/resell to end market users.
  • Concrete: Scrap and loose materials will either be crushed on site and used for aggregate or stored within dedicated on-site dumpster and delivered to processor. Processor will reuse or resell materials as clean fill back or crushed for aggregate.
  • Metals: Materials will be sorted and stored within dedicated on-site dumpster and delivered to processor. Processor will sell materials to metal recyclers (steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless).
  • Stone and Granite: Materials will be collected on site in piles or containers and processor will palletize and haul materials. Processor will re-sell as product or crushed as aggregate.
  • Ceiling Tiles: Upon receiving approval from manufacturer ceiling tile will be removed, palletized and loaded into trucks for reuse.

UWC will research available processing sources specific to the job site and make all trades aware of project qualifying C&D recyclable materials. At UWC we understand the benefits of recycling materials on projects and value the beneficial results and investment in the environment from performing the above.

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