Emergency Demolition - Universal Wrecking

Emergency Demolition Contractors Services - 24 hr Emergency Services - Fire Demolition

Universal Wrecking Corp. provides emergency demolition contractors services including:

  • Demolition Services Required Due To Fire
  • Demolition Services Required Due To Explosion
  • Demolition Services Required Due to Collapse
  • Unsafe Structures , Structurally Unsound Demolition Services

Salvage of Assets

We utilize our safe and experienced demolition equipment and crews to assist with the salvage of any of the clients assets including equipment or inventory.


We have the equipment and manpower resources to effectively and quickly mobilize to your site to perform the emergency demolition work.

Example Emergency Demolition Project

Universal Wrecking Corp. was contracted to perform demolition of fire damaged bays of a very large warehouse for a large Fortune 100 company. For complete emergency demolition project details go to Emergency Demolition Project.

Nationwide Emergency Demolition Contractor Services

Universal Wrecking Corp. offers emergency demolition and fire damage demolition services within the Continental United States with particular emphasis in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT), West Virginia (WV), Indiana (IN) and Illinois (IL).