Demolition Innovations

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The demolition industry has been in existence since the inception of the industrial era of manufacturing. Demolition is constantly developing many equipment innovations and improvements in the industry to make performing work more safely and efficient.

When buildings needed to be demolished early on, more time intense methods were utilized, such as manual labor and cranes with wrecking balls to list a few. However as the demolition industry made advancements, so did the methods of which it was performed. Crane mounted demolition wrecking balls were slowly phased out and rarely used within demolition due to the uncontrollable nature of the swinging ball and the safety consequences related. Manual labor was replaced with steel manufactured equipment.

Ultimately the demolition industry switched over to hydraulic excavators equipped with multiple attachments capable of performing demolition activities without harm and safely. The invention of the hydraulic excavator and demolition attachments made the usage of a crane with a wrecking ball obsolete in the industry. The creation and advancements of the hydraulic shear made the cutting of steel beams/columns possible, reducing the closeness of employees proximity to structures being demolished and reducing overall safety risks of personnel. Also numerous other improvements such as hydraulic hammers, universal processors, hydraulic magnets and grapples which can be universally attached to the same machine, have made what was once a time consuming activity into a controlled, planned and well-organized activity. Hydraulic hammers are often used for concrete structures and concrete processing attachments are used to crush concrete to a manageable size, and to remove reinforcing steel, while grapple attachments can pick up material, segregate/sort and load it out.

The introduction of High Reach Excavators revolutionized the industry and how larger high rise buildings were demolished. Now tall buildings where explosive demolition is not appropriate or possible, High Reach Excavators are used to reach the upper stories of buildings that are being demolished and pull down the structure in a controlled precise manner.

Engineers and equipment manufacturers will continue to develop advancements for years to come and the possibilities for the future of demolition methods our endless.

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