Demolition Equipment

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One of the most common pieces of equipment used in the demolition industry is an Excavator with a Shear.

Recently, Universal Wrecking has added a CAT330 Excavator with a LaBounty UP70 to our fleet of equipment. The LaBounty Universal Processor is an amazing piece of equipment that has assisted our demolition crews to work safely, quickly and more efficiently.

The UP70 has three separate jaws allowing for various capabilities. First, there is “Shear jaw” which is used to cut steel. Second, there is a “Concrete Pulverizing Jaw” which is used to downsize big concrete to small concrete. Lastly, there is a “Concrete Cracking Jaw” which is used to crack large pieces of concrete.

Since acquiring the excavator with the UP 70 we have been completing jobs weeks before completion dead-lines and have even saved on job costs.

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