Specialty Demolition Company Services

Structural Demolition

Safe and efficient building demolition requires careful planning. Determining how and when demolition work is to be done is especially critical when extremely hazardous conditions or unique circumstances are present.

From water towers and bridges to power plants and large structures Universal Wrecking has proven to be a leading provider of structural demolition services for commercial and industrial sectors throughout the United States.

Our highly trained structural demolition team has the experience for getting time-critical jobs done safely and efficiently.

With every structural demolition project Universal Wrecking’s main priorities are to maximize safety, minimize risks, and ensure zero lost time for productivity.

The most widely used method of Structural Demolition today involves the use of various specialized mechanized equipment and tools. While the crane and wrecking ball have long been the symbol of demolition projects, Universal Wrecking employs a variety of high-reach excavators equipped with tools for crushing concrete and shearing steel at heights up to 120 feet. These machines can operate in confined work areas and can separate the building materials as they “chew” the structure apart. Excavators equipped with special attachments, including hydraulic breakers, shears, and concrete processors, are also the machine of choice for Structural Demolition.

Tank Farm Demolition

Universal Wrecking Corp is an expert in tank farm demolition and dismantling including steel fuel oil tank demolition, steel silo demolition, silo dismantlement, concrete silo wrecking.

Our tank farm demolition services are offered on a nationwide basis. We prioritize safety on every tank farm project along with budget and schedule. To ensure these goals, we utilize our OSHA trained employees as well as our well maintained demolition and recycling equipment.

Tank Farm Demolition Services Include:

  • Fuel Oil Tank Demolition
  • Concrete and Steel Silo Demolition
  • Steel Tank and Silo Dismantlement
  • Horizontal and Vertical Tank Farm Demolition
  • Storage Tank Demolition

We have the ability to clean/decommission the tanks, demolition/wreck the tanks and silos and then process the steel or metals for recycling, or salvage the tanks and silos for re-sale.

Please contact us for an estimate, quote or bid on your next steel tank farm wrecking or silo demolition project.

Technical & Standard Demolition

Universal Wrecking Corp. provides standard demolition and technical demolition contractor services throughout the United States. We have the capabilities and expert demolition laborers and operators to handle everything from the standard demolition of a one story structure to the technical demolition of an entire plant or facility.

Demolition Practices by Method

Methods of destruction employed at demolition sites include the use of heavy machines, explosions/implosions, and hand methods.

Heavy Equipment/Machinery Demolition Operations

Demolition equipment includes large motorized vehicles such as bulldozers with rakes, top loaders, backhoes, skid loaders/bobcats, hydraulic excavators, and other similar machinery used for transporting, moving, or dislodging of materials at a demolition site. Cranes equipped with wrecking balls, clamshells, or buckets may also be employed.

To demolish one-or two-story buildings, the heavy equipment is used to to perform an undermining process. The strategy is to undermine the building while controlling the manner and direction in which it falls. The demolition project manager must determine where undermining is necessary so that a building falls in the desired manner and direction. The walls are typically undermined at a building’s base, but this is not always the case as building designs may dictate otherwise. Safety and cleanup considerations are also taken into account in determining the methods to be used. The structure and components are maintained wet during demolition.

Cranes may also be used and are typically equipped with wrecking balls, clamshells or buckets, which are used in a variety of ways. All three may be dropped or swung against the structure to demolish it. When demolition is accomplished by crane, the process can begin at the roof and progress continually downward, or alternate up and down.


Building implosions utilizing explosive devices constitute a rarely-used demolition technique. In simplest form, this method is accomplished through the use of explosive charges placed strategically throughout a building so that the building col-lapses in on itself and debris does not radiate outward to any appreciable distance.

Hand Methods of Demolition

Hand methods refer to the use of motorized and non-motorized tools that can be operated by hand and are not used for transportation. The methods discussed include not only those used in the gutting of building interiors prior to razing, but also those used during razing itself. Hand methods allow much greater control over a building’s collapse than other methods and permit easier segregation of demolition materials for resale or recycling than other demolition methods. In addition, hand methods may be required because of workspace limitations.