Demo Equipment Maintenance

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The maintenance of equipment provided by a demolition contractor is a key component to a successful project. Due to the nature of demolition work, equipment needs to be inspected daily and the necessary maintenance needs to be performed accordingly. In order to keep equipment running efficiently, and to be productive, weekly and monthly maintenance and inspections are also required.

Universal Wrecking employs highly skilled and experienced operators/mechanics that are trained to perform the required inspections on a variety of equipment. On an average day, operators will inspect the exterior and interior parts of a machine, check fluids and apply grease where needed.

Their fleet of mechanics have fully equipped trucks that enable them to be dispatched quickly and make most repairs on site. Mechanics keep extensive logs of maintenance work performed on equipment and are trained to identify any potential future issues that could develop. The advantage of being proactive in identifying potential issues allows time for obtaining required parts, and getting pricing from various suppliers to get the most cost effective options and reduce idle time.

Demolition projects require numerous machines to work in sync to allow for schedules and budgets to be met. If a single machine stops operating due to a breakdown, a project could experience significant production losses and result in increased costs from down time or inefficiencies.

Below is a list of the most common inspections that are performed on a weekly/monthly basis pending equipment usage:

  • Boom and stick excessive wear or damage
  • Excessive wear, damage or leaks on hydraulic cylinders
  • Checking underneath of machine for final drive leaks
  • Overall undercarriage packing / debris buildup
  • Idlers & rollers leaks, damage and wear
  • Drive sprockets wear, damage and loose bolts
  • Track assembly tightness
  • Damage, bent or broken shoes
  • Swing bearing damage
  • Loose or missing bolts
  • Tires excessive wear or damage
  • Foreign objects
  • Steps and handholds condition and cleanliness
  • Overall machine loose of missing nuts & bolts
  • Loose guards
  • Cleanliness of engine compartment
  • Engine oil fluid level
  • Swing drives fluid level
  • Engine coolant fluid level
  • Air filter restriction indicator
  • Radiator fin blockage and leaks
  • All hoses inspected for cracks, wear spots and leaks
  • All belts inspected for tightness, wear and cracks
  • Overall engine compartment trash or dirt buildup
  • Leaks on the machine and outside of the cab
  • Fuel tank fuel level
  • Hydraulic oil tank fluid level
  • Fire extinguisher Charge
  • Windshields wipers & washers
  • Batteries & hold downs
  • Falling object guard damage
  • Seat adjustment
  • Seat belt & mounting damage, wear and adjustment
  • Horn, backup alarm, lights proper function
  • Overall cab interior

Universal Wrecking takes pride in their extensive maintenance program and the performance of all equipment. The program allows UWC to provide their customers with the highest level of quality on all projects.

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