Consulting/Budgetary Estimating Services

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Being experts in building demolition and scrap metal recycling throughout the US, we have the experienced and safety trained personnel, demolition and recycling equipment, and the technical expertise to handle standard or very technical wrecking and rigging projects.

Utilizing the above knowledge of the industry, allows the UWC staff to provide its customers with excellent consulting / budgetary estimating services when needed. Many customers require consulting services for direction on means and methods to perform specific work, and budgetary estimates to receive approval to proceed with the work. The budgetary estimate allows a customer to see what the expected costs will be, and to ensure that the scope of work is complete and covers all tasks necessary for the project to be completed.

Scope of Work for Consultant / Budgetary Estimate work consists of the following tasks at a minimum:

  • Conduct a site visit to take measurements, photos, videos, etc. to compile necessary information for estimate.
  • Review existing documents, pictures, websites etc.
  • Develop a budgetary engineering cost estimate.
  • Itemize costs by work task, examples of different tasks that can be associated with projects:
    • Total Building Demolition
    • Interior Demolition
    • Tank Demolition
    • Rigging Work
    • Disposal Costs
    • Trucking
    • Asbestos/Environmental Costs

During a site visit the UWC consultant will look to identify potential equipment assets that can be recovered to offset project costs. With a roster of national strategic vendors it is possible for UWC to provide a turnkey alternative to your plant closure and asset recovery.

Also included in the report will be an itemized break out estimate of scrap proceeds for ferrous / non-ferrous metals.

Once the above information has been compiled Universal Wrecking will finalize the budgetary estimate and submit to the customer a complete report for review. After the initial review UWC will meet with the customer if needed to answer or clarify all questions.

If you are in need of assistance for your upcoming project, whether it be consultant of means and methods or a budgetary proposal do not hesitate to contact Universal Wrecking Corp. Our team of experienced professionals will be able to provide you with a complete turn-key service for all of your needs.

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